2018, December 31Year of the metal Tyranosaurio

Another less programming-related Post. I must admit, there haven’t been any yet, it is because code must be speaking by itself, and thus being a crazy good programmer, i exuberantly deleted all the code on my harddrive. During the time the deletion progress was taking I took the parts of a spare modular metal construction kit plus a photo of…

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2018, June 17Making-Of DIY Servo-Driven Ornithopter

After watching several ornithopter videos and learning that using adequate servos it is possible to omit the construction of a gearbox I finally decided to once and for all make my own model.
The Delta Sail-Shape Observing ravens soaring in strong wind, I noticed that the pinion feathers were usually collapsed, stabilizing and protecting the wing (because…

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2017, July 19Colemak Keyboard Layout in German

About QWERTY Though being the standard keyboard layout, it has been proven already in every of the numerous places where you can find information about alternative keyboard layouts that the QWERTY keyboard layout is deprecated for several reasons; thence I won’t explain those further in detail.

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